Service Status

This page will hold all the information with regards to the current server status, any outages, etc. If there is nothing on this page then it safe to assume that everything is running like normal.


Server Status

Mail Servers Ok
Anti-Virus Server Ok
DNS Servers Ok
Website Filtering Servers Ok
Website Hosting Servers Ok
CMS Servers Ok

Information on any issues affecting the services provided as part of the Cumbria ISP Service will be outlined below. If you experience any issues other than those described below please contact the Helpdesk to report them.

Office 365 self service password resets- 9th June 2015

Self service password reset is now available for all Office 365 tenants, please contact the helpdesk if you would like this enabled for your school's Office 365 tenant.  This means that users can reset their own passwords if they are locked out of their accounts or have forgotten their passwords.