Services offered by the Schools ICT Helpdesk


The Schools ICT Helpdesk provides a number of services to schools on a yearly subscription basis; this subscription is called the Cumbria ISP.

The subscription is renewable each September and offers schools peace of mind when using the internet and computer equipment in the school setting.

The services offered are as follows:
• School e-mail system
• Office 365 e-mail system
• Anti Virus protection for school machines
• Web content filtering
• Website hosting
• SSL certificates for schools
• Basic WordPress school websites
• Telephone and online support for all of our services

A full description of each service offered and supported by the Schools ICT Helpdesk can be found by using the 'Services' links on the menu bar.

The Cumbria ISP is available to all maintained infant schools, junior schools, primary schools, secondary schools, academies and independent schools in Cumbria regardless of whether your internet connection is provided by BT Lancashire or a third party company.

When reporting faults the Schools ICT Helpdesk offer a choice of e-mail or a telephone helpdesk.