The Cumbria ISP currently uses Sophos anti-virus.  Sophos anti-virus allows subscribing schools the choice between installing a management tool on their own server and configuring their own computers or using a pre-configured “standalone” version for individual school owned machines.

Once installed Sophos scans a computer for known viruses every half hour and in addition to this to keep itself up to date connects to our update server every hour.

Sophos' single antivirus agent delivers complete protection against today’s threats. Low-impact scans detect malware, adware, suspicious files and behavior, and unauthorised software. Updates are small and frequent. And it’s integrated with Sophos endpoint and network protection, giving your school complete security.

Sophos Antivirus provides the following capabilities:

  • Protection against zero-day threats - prevents systems from becoming infected by new and emerging malware
  • Low impact scans don’t hog network bandwidth or consume local resources
  • Live protection ensures systems are always up to date with the latest antivirus signatures
  • One agent scans for viruses and controls applications, devices, data and web access

Why Sophos Antivirus?

Sophos' technology is built to tackle today’s threats, while the SophosLabs analysts solve the problems that face schools tomorrow. The way your school uses technology is changing. Sophos stay on top of these changes to keep you protected along the way. Sophos constantly fine-tune their protection with reactive and preventative techniques, without making the products complex or complicated. Sophos gives both Cumbria County Council and individual schools control.