School e-mail system


Schools and teaching staff often rely heavily on e-mail as an effective method of communication. Our e-mail system allows each school to provide staff and pupils with e-mail access within a safe environment. Our system also enables the school to manage the facility themselves.

Each school is issued with a manager’s account, this enables them to create, manage and delete an unlimited amount of mailboxes. Mail can be accessed via webmail from anywhere with an internet connection or from Outlook or any similar email software or mobile device.

Following an expansive upgrade the mail system is now fully replicated across two server farms to provide a high degree of resilience. Mail is virus checked, both incoming and outgoing, and includes spam filtering. As mail is backed up daily it is possible to restore mail which has been deleted accidentally and logs are kept in case of possible investigations.

Additional features include a “bully” report button to allow pupils to forward offensive mail to a member of staff and a built in filter which only allows pupils to send mail to other schools or other nominated addresses.

For those schools that choose to have their mail relayed to their own server, they benefit from the above with the added advantage of being able to host pupil mailboxes on our server.

For an improved service, please go to our Office 365 page, as we are currently offering this as part of the service we provide them (for no extra cost).