CMS Version 8 - New Features



What is CMS?


The CMS provided to schools by Cumbria County Council is a flexible and easy to use Content Management System, which enables users to add/update content on their websites whenever they choose with minimal effort.  Hundreds of schools and organisations are currently delivering their web sites using the Content Management System.



CMS Upgrade

Some of the new features in CMS Version 8 are shown below:



Image Galleries


News Articles


Moderated comment blocks


CMS Theme Design

All current school themes will be unaffected by the upgrade and Cumbria County Council will still offer a number of theme design options which range from requesting a customised template to having a bespoke theme designed for your school by the Lancashire Web Development Team.  Please see our 'Theme Design' area if you are interested in our theme design service.

CMS Training Materials

We have created some tutorial videos and a training manual covering the CMS Version 8 features.  If you feel any areas are not covered in the training manual or videos and would be helpful please contact the Schools ICT Helpdesk.

CMS Version 8 Training Manual