CMS Theme Designs


When thinking about the design of your Content Management System (CMS) there are a couple of options to consider, these are outlined below.

Bespoke Themes

We can design a bespoke template for your School’s CMS. If you wish to use this service please e-mail for further information.

Template Designs

We have found that a number of Cumbrian Schools cannot justify spending £150 on a website design in the current climate, Cumbria County Council have come up with an alternative design package which allows you to have a theme designed by the Schools ICT Helpdesk at a cost of £75.

The Schools ICT Helpdesk offer a number of standard templates which can be customised to meet your needs, this includes your school name, address, motto, logo and colour scheme. We are able to update the current templates to give schools a more custom design.

We keep the cost of this service lower than the alternative by creating new themes following suggestions from schools. We then offer these themes to other Cumbrian schools as a standard template in the future. The aim of this service is to build up a collection of themes which meet the needs of our schools at a low cost.

So feel free to ask if you don't see any options which meet your requirements!

Below you will find some examples of recent CMS front page designs which have been completed by the Schools ICT Helpdesk, some have been based on existing templates and others following suggestions from the school:



   Brisbane Park Infant School
   Richmond Hill Primary School


Please use the button below to view the 'Template Gallery':


Blank Template

You can also choose the have a completely blank template and create your own theme. We would recommend that this is done by someone who has experience of designing websites as training and support is not provided for designing websites by the Schools ICT Helpdesk.